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profitable  sustainability & sustainable profitability

"Sustainability" is not a new concept. Neither sustainable development (on the level of a nations) nor managing sustainability in the corporate context is a revolution. Sustainable thinking is the evolution of existing management and governance paradigms:  sustainable governing means decision-making based on  cost-benefits calculations that show the full composition of income and expenditure - the full extent of benefits, but also risks. But applying a longer time-horizon and a wider range consideration of the composition, sustainable decisions are reasonable, and allow least-cost future development.

On the level of a nations, intelligent sustainable development equals lower total cost at higher living standards and a healthier environment. In the corporate world, being intelligently sustainable means continued competitiveness.

Unfortunatelly, a wide range of artifical barriers - unawareness, predjudices, short-term profit thinking and sheer convenience - often interfer with solutions that are not only sustainable, but also profitable. Sustainable profitable. Profitable sustainable.

It is SolAvis’ mission is to contribute to the realisation of reasonable least-cost solutions for the mutual benefit of society, nature, and the economy.

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