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"Sustainability" is not a new concept. Neither sustainable development (on the level of a nations) nor managing sustainability in the corporate context is a revolution. Sustainable thinking is the evolution of existing management and governance paradigms:  decision-making based on cost-benefits calculations that show the full composition of income and expenditure - the full extent of benefits, but also risks.

By applying a deeper and wider horizon (deeper in terms of looking ahead in time, and wider in terms issues taken into consideration), sustainable decision making is reasonable and allows least-cost future development.

Instead of choosing the path in the midst of the forest of quarterly numbers, managing and governing sustainable is looking over the forest from the elevated position of a hilltop to identify the best possible direction forward.

On the level of a nations, intelligent sustainable development equals lower total cost at higher living standards and a healthier environment. In the corporate world, being intelligently sustainable means continued competitiveness.

Through independent research and sustainability intelligence, SolAvis aims at contributing to the realisation of intelligent and profitabl  solutions for the mutual benefit of society, nature, and the economy.

Practical, value adding solutions for sustainable profitability. Profitable sustainability.

Practical solutions for sustainable profitability


profitable sustainability

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