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The Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2013

The second edition of the Global Competitiveness Index, analysing 176 countries' ability to creat and sustain sustainable wealth

Corporate Sustainability Korea 2013
The latest sustainability trends in Korea, and further evidence of superior sustainable stock returns

Climate Change, Energy, & Businesses - Quantifying the Impacts to 2040
Analysis and quantification of the impacts of climate change and rising global energy costs on different business sectors

The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index
Analysis and ranking of the sustainable competitiveness of 176 countries based on 69 sustainability indicators monitored by the UN, the World Bank divided by four different sectors: natural capital, resource efficiency, sustainable economic development, and social consensus

The Correlation: Corporate Sustainability & Financial Performance
Korea ESG performance 2011
Evidence from SolAbility's 5th annual ESG assessment of Korean companies: the correlation of sustainable management capabilities and financial performance

ESG 2.0: Identifying Sustainable Investment Opportunities in Emerging Asia
Presenting a revolutionary methodology to identify sustainablility risks and opportunities for companies in emerging and front markets in Asia

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