energy & climate change: sustainable is cheaper

to keep the wheel roling...

The modern World is impossible without energy - not even the most basic daily work could be done in our life dependent on gadgets, apparels and machines. That's what we all know. But energy is not for free; not in money-terms and also not in non-money ("non-financial") terms. And it is getting more expensive, both in money and non-money terms.

98% of published cross-checked scientific research agrees that climate change is here, and most likely caused by human activities, mostly (but not completely) in relation to extraction or usage of some form of energy based on non-renewable fossil fuels. Climate change is happening. Now.

A strange characteristic of our times seems to be that reasonable solutions to often times are prevented by either ideological blindness (some people in earnest seem to think that "renewable energy" is a communist poison), lack of considering long-term cost-benefit calculations, and outright insufficient knowledge about real costs.

However, a world based on different energy supply source is not only possible, but also cheaper than a continued subsidisation of the current aging and out-dated non-renewable energy system.

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