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We are fairly clever beings. We have developed incredible tools and technology that have made life easier and convenient. Yet, perceived (but most likely unreal) financial barriers, money-supported individual interest often prevent the most reasonable solutions to a problem. In addition, the human character sometimes tends to hang on to the knowns, and has suspicions towards the new, unknown. And we also tend to not like thinking too much about tomorrow.

"Sustainability" is not a new concept. Neither sustainable development (on the level of a nations) nor managing sustainability in the corporate context is a revolution. Sustainable thinking is the evolution of existing management and governance paradigms:  sustainable governing means decision-making based on  cost-benefits calculations that show the full composition of income and expenditure - the full extent of benefits, but also risks. But applying a longer time-horizon and a wider range consideration of the composition, sustainable decisions are reasonable, and allow least-cost future development.

On the level of a nations, intelligent sustainable development equals lower total cost at higher living standards and a healthier environment. In the corporate world, being intelligently sustainable means continued competitiveness.

It is SolAvis’ mission is to contribute to the realisation of reasonable least-cost solutions for the mutual benefit of society, nature, and the economy.


The Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2013

Is the GDP an adeqaute measure of the wealth of a nation? Does it allow to make conclusion about the future of a country? The Sustainable Competitiveness Index measures the wealth of 176 nations based on natural capital, resource intensity, sustainable innovation capabilities, and social cohesion.


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